I’m in America!!!

Started a blog to document my American travels. If you’re interested its www.exploreacorner.blogspot.com


can i politely murder you


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To die. | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


To die. | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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☣Sad b&w blog. May follow back similar☠


Sad b&w blog. May follow back similar

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i wanna sleep forever
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So I’m heading out to America in just over a week and I wanna tale a selection of uk’ s best sweets and chocolate (candy) that isn’t available in the US.
Suggestions are welcome.

Bournemouth wheels festival 2014

This book is killing me

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I hate packing and moving and boxes

I do love my attic room the only problem is that with the windows at the angle it create a a bit of a greenhouse type heat meaning I have to lay in my underwear with the Windows wide open just to be at a not melting temperature

Hey guys, I found it. I told you it’d be in here!
Phil Coulson being completely calm while holding a lazier of sorts after incinerating a man to death. Permanently. (via tara-the-terrible)
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