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My present for finishing A levels :) awwww

My present for finishing A levels :) awwww

I have my Product Design exam tomorrow, its my A level exam. I haven’t revised at all. I do not care at all.

My mum just threatened that I have to clean my room otherwise she won’t let me out the house in the morning… She needs to think of better threats coz missing 6th form is more of a reward.

Tomorrow’s gonna be fun! Love dressing up. I’m gonna be a rag doll and I quite like my outfit. Especially since it includes my Orange tutu which I hardly ever get to wear!

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I’m feeling happy right now despite the bleak outlook of my future right now, I am uncaring and just surviving instead.

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There may be a perfect Uni/Drama school out for me there somewhere, but unfortunately I am too lazy to find it..

Oh well.

Personal Statement

So I started writing and just kinda blabbed on for ages. With cuts made and things left out I am still 2,570 charecters over the limit. Woops I guess I am just too great. :/

Procrastination in action

I should revise. I need to revise. I will revise!

BUT….do I reallllyy have to? I’ve done half exam already and got a B. So even if I don’t revsie and get high E/low D I can level out at C which is still decent and I’m think I’ll drop Psychology next year anyway.

I haven’t anything to do today and I’m home with the brother so it’s quite which would be prefect for revising IF I had the motivation. However it’s very tempting to sit do nothing and watch films and tumblr all day. I could even stretch to going to shop buying ingredients and making myself cake! Ahhhhh WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!

OK heres the plan…The exam isn’t untill Tuesday which is ages away so today I will not revise and will be lazy etc (which is what I do best) I will do a bit of baking too. Then tomorrow depending on my mood I may start revision if not I will start the day after (you can probably see where this is going :/ ) For the first exam back in January I did do little revision due to a Panto I was in a few days before the exam which meant I had rehersals and parties to go to and I got B so hopefully I can pull off another Fluke like that.