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My laptops broken so I have no way of watching TV or any films… and I’ve finished uni for the year so I have nothing to do…
What is it people did before technology!?

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Hey guys….

Hey guys….

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It’s freshers week and I wanna go out but my housemates aren’t going out and I’m not sure who to go with…
I’m that awkward person who’s not really good friends with anyone..


imagine if you could telepathically make people orgasm you could make their lives really awkward

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2 hour phone conversation with the ex…Weird

Even weirder coz somehow we got onto the subject of how many people have you slept with since the break up. 

Why am I so socially awkward!!

2 people snuck off to the disabled loo’s during pub quiz to have a shag, unfortunately for them someone overheard them and seconds later the whole bar was informed. They then came back in and sat down as if nothing had happened despite everyones ridicule.

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Walking to my room with no shirt on and about to take my bra off when my brother decides to jump out at me. I screamed so loud and whilst he found that hilarious he looked a little unerved bout the lack of top haha AWKWARD

The awkward moment when you send a text with lots of kisses then realise who it was to….

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