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I’ve had a long, busy and stressful week. I had this evening off ans decided to make myself a chocolate cake as a treat. After 3 and a half hours baking, this happened.
This is my life.

Bleugh I just mess stuff up and I annoy myself!

I hate it when I get all ‘oh he’s cute, I like him’ because then I have to try with this flirting thing which I can’t do and then realise that I don’t have a chance and they don’t like me and I feel dumb.

If I don’t arrange things to do with my friends I don’t see them. But if I do its a lot of hassle and everyone cancels last minute meaning it ends up being crappy.


i’m on tumblr all the time because i need constant reassurance that i’m not the only one failing at life

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I hate arranging stuff coz no one comes but if I don’t I don’t see people….

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im sorry if ive ever told you the same story twice its just that i dont have an interesting life and cool things rarely happen to me

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I went to the park to enjoy the sun
Then all the clouds came and the bugs started eating me…


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Get all dressed up and looking nice to go out for once and then I realise I’m starving so have a sausage roll which proceeds to crumble all over me. Then I remember I haven’t done my physio today so have now got to do that which will make me all nice and sweaty.

Guess god just doesn’t want me looking nice ever! Thanks man!

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Sister goes out for meal with boyfriend.

I get in pyjamas, get chocolate, hot chocolate and watch Men In Black 3…..

My mum and sister are both on my case because I never go out. My sister says I’m wasting my life and my mum says I should be going out and getting drunk AT LEAST every week. Neither are happy that I’ve spent the last 3 nights in Pyjamas at 7pm watching Toy Story…. I’m an awful student and at awful at being 18.