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It would be awesome to one day open tumblr and have loads if asks. That would make me happy…

*cough* HINT *cough*

Hey guys….

Hey guys….

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Going on a bit of a blogging/following spree. Feel free to show the love and follow back xx

Hey guys can you send me links to some good blogs?

I want some more blogs to follow, ones that post things like me, cool, interesting and random kinda things. THANKS

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I got a twitter account so now you can hear my thoughts and the general going ons of my life. Follow me if you love me. x

Hello followers. You are very lovely people. Also you are awesome (of course) after all you follow my blog :P  xx Have some love!

And if you feel like it you can be reeeaalllyy awesome people by letting your followers know about my blog coz then I may get more lovely people following me and I may follow them too if their blog is awesome therefore making everyone happy! :D

(Seriously I have few followers which makes me sad and I want more awesome and random yet cool blogs to follow)