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Say what!?! I have 160 followers!? There are 160 people who like give a shit about what I like and post and reblog.!? You 160 people are pretty awesome people. Xxx

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Hey guys can you send me links to some good blogs?

I want some more blogs to follow, ones that post things like me, cool, interesting and random kinda things. THANKS

Love my followers so much! They are all amazing and awesome and make me feel loved and appreciated! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! XXXXXX

AHHHH 100 followers!!!

So weird. I started this coz my friend was like yeah it’s cool so I was like Ok might as well but I thought I wouldn’t get any followers and now I’m at 100! Thanks guys. I feel appreciated and loved which means A LOT to me xxxx is the 100th person I followed so I thought he deserved a shout out for this just because.

So yeah If he’s good enough for me to follow, you should follow him too because I am awesome and everything I do is aweasome therefore following him MUST be awesome!

DO IT! »>

I always check out my followers blogs…



When you follow me, I look at your blog, and if I like it, I follow back C:


 Ditto… I prefer it to an automatic follow back as it means that person actually likes and appreciates your blog…And who doesn’t want to feel loved and appreciated!!??

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Well guys thanks for the floods of suggestions of blogs to follow and all that. I NEED random awesome blogs to follow that will make me smile and people that will follow me back and make me feel like I’m a little loved.


Whoaa! I have as many followers as people I follow! If thats the equation thats gonna work I’m going on a follow spree tomorrow.

If you have an awesome blog and want me to follow you, follow ME! And recommendations for good blogs that I could follow are also appreciated. xx

Hello followers. You are very lovely people. Also you are awesome (of course) after all you follow my blog :P  xx Have some love!

And if you feel like it you can be reeeaalllyy awesome people by letting your followers know about my blog coz then I may get more lovely people following me and I may follow them too if their blog is awesome therefore making everyone happy! :D

(Seriously I have few followers which makes me sad and I want more awesome and random yet cool blogs to follow)