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Trek America

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I just built myself a fort!!
All I need now is junk food, films and someone to cuddle… none of which I have.. :/

Cracking weekend!

So the guys came over Friday evening, we went cheese night, spent Saturday in bed (four people in a double bed is a bit of a squeeze) then brought twister and frustration and spent Saturday night drinking, completing dares and playing strip twister…

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Yay for fun at uni!

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SIMMSTOCK 2013!!! Amazing day out in the sun!

Procrastinating hero

I NEED to do work but am instead carrying on with the amazing 5 hours of procrastinating I did on Friday. This included taking what would be the best snapchat photo ever if only the kindle fire HD had snapchat.
Petition to make snapchat available for kindle fire HD please!!!

My mum and sister are both on my case because I never go out. My sister says I’m wasting my life and my mum says I should be going out and getting drunk AT LEAST every week. Neither are happy that I’ve spent the last 3 nights in Pyjamas at 7pm watching Toy Story…. I’m an awful student and at awful at being 18.

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Last night was……..yeaaahhh. It was good though ahaha. YOLO I guess