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"No, no, no, nooooooo, No, no, no,
Stick to the stuff you know,
If you wanna be cool,
Follow one simple rule don’t put it in my butthole!!!!”

…I think me and my housemate just ruined high school musical

Love this song/ Played everyday I was on holiday and now my mates just found it for me. I’ve listened to it on repeat for the last 20minutes…

Found a draft text on my phone saying “Something unpredictable. Time of your life.” I had no idea what this was about but figured it was a couple of songs or movies that I wnated to watch/listen to. Typed first line into google, it came up with green day song, googled other line which also came up with green day song. They were both lines I had picked up when hearing a song and had jotted down those two phrases to help me find what song it was. Love it when that happens! No idea when or where I heard the song though… The song was Good Ridance by Green Day. Great song.

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Future Husband, if you are out there, standards have been set, anything short of this will not do!

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I wanna be drunk when I wake up, On the right side of the wrong bed
Ed Sheeran

I saw Shrek The Musical yesterday…It was awesome!!!

(Me and my sister brought Shrek ears and wore them all day including when we were in Nando’s for dinner)

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I think i may have just fallen in love with Neil Patrick Harris a little bit….