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I’m tired and hungry but I’m not eating coz I’m in bed and gonna sleep soon but I’m not sleeping coz of tumblr and youtube…


Stressed and tired and not sure I’m coping… but maybe given the circumstances I’m coping really well..

Really really hungry but can’t be bothered to go downstairs for food… guess that means it’s time for bed.

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The top I’ve been wearing all day still has the tag in…

I’m hoping nobody saw coz otherwise it means people saw and choose not to tell me…

Got home at 5am last night, slept for 5 hours an d woke at 10am. It is now 2am the next day and I haven’t slept anymore. Why (and how) am I awake!?!?

Damn Tumblr! Why?! I need sleep!!

I was literally gonna go to bed an hour ago! But then I just didn’t. Then about 20 minutes ago my leg decided fuck you, if you aint going to sleep I am and started to cramp up so I thought OK I really better go to sleep now and yet here I am! 

This is it, I am really going to sleep now, I am knackered and my back hurts and my legs hurting and I’m cold. 

Tomorrow/later today I shall wake up, have lunch (yeah I don’t plan to wake for breakfast) laze around and watch a movie, go to the shop, buy alcohol, have a shower and go out to a party where I will know 1 person, get drunk and bring in the new year! It sounds like a plan to me! :)

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Need Some Sleep, Goodnight <3

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Another early night down the plug hole.


Good night. Sleepy now. Next week will be awesome. That is all.