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Why is it the last week when I’ve had nothing to do the next day I’ve been going to sleep at a sensible time (sensible being 1am) but then as soon as I have something to do the next day I stay up most of the night watching youtube videos….

I’m tired and hungry but I’m not eating coz I’m in bed and gonna sleep soon but I’m not sleeping coz of tumblr and youtube…

Really really hungry but can’t be bothered to go downstairs for food… guess that means it’s time for bed.

I’m looking forward to look back at my tumblr in years to come to see what made me laugh and what I posted and reblogged. I dunno of it will be funny and nostalgic or cringrey like looking back at your old Bebo account…

It would be awesome to one day open tumblr and have loads if asks. That would make me happy…

*cough* HINT *cough*

Say what!?! I have 160 followers!? There are 160 people who like give a shit about what I like and post and reblog.!? You 160 people are pretty awesome people. Xxx

Awkward moment when your computer logs you out of tumblr and it takes you ages to get back on as you have no idea what your password is coz you haven’t logged out for about a year….

Sometimes I click on gif but it won’t load and instead of waiting or making the gamble to reblog anyway I won’t reblog as punishment for it freezing, maybe then it will learn!

Tumblr at its best :’)

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I just fucking love all of you.

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Going on a bit of a blogging/following spree. Feel free to show the love and follow back xx


i’m on tumblr all the time because i need constant reassurance that i’m not the only one failing at life

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I thought I should share some things I’ve collected

People are awesome/extremely weird.

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That moment you wake up after a night out and have to check if you blogged drunk…


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